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Artist Bio

Scott Church

(Longmont, CO)


his website


Bio in a nutshell: Scott Church was born in Tacoma Washington and lived twelve years in Seattle. He moved to Colorado six years ago where he continues to be inspired by the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. He also credits extensive travels and his wife and two daughters as strong artistic influences. He graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle and has worked as a professional painter, illustrator and art director for more than fifteen years.

Showings, openings, awards...? Won a Louie award this past spring.

Influences: Mexican muralist Jose Clemente Orozco, John Singer Sargent, Matisse, outsider art, music...

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painting "name that tune" (GAS 2008)
painting "Poppies" (GAS 2007)
painting "Longing" (GAS 2006)
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