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Peter Steele

(Boulder, CO)


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Bio: My name is Peter B. Steele and I am a self-taught photographer born and raised in Bedford, NY. I have a degree in Geology, which brought me to Boulder, Colorado 18 years ago. Light is everything in photography so I have chosen unfiltered light from Mother Nature to activate my emulsion. I use all manual photographic equipment and emulsion film when shooting nature and landscapes. My cameras consist of a 1954 Linhof Technika (4x5 format), a 1954 Rolleflex (medium format), and a 1992 Nikon FM2 (35mm format). I recently purchased the Nikon D200 digital camera and use this for event and sports photography.

The story of how you first got artsy: The majestic landscape of the Rocky Mountains and amazing light I observed when moving to Boulder was the inspiration for me to capture it on film.

Influences: Ansel Adams

Showings: Melody Gallery (Denver, CO), Art Mart (Boulder, CO), Super Joe's Coffee (Superior, CO)


  • First Place, 2007 Lafayette Community Art Exhibit
  • People's Choice Award, 2005 Louisville Art Association National Competition
  • Third Place, 2003 Louisville Art Association National Competition
  • First Place, 2002 Shows on Loan Painting and Photography competition
  • Juried into The American Art Collector Book, Volumes 1-4, 2004-2008 National Competition
  • Juried into The Art of Seeing Creative Photography Book 2007 National Competition
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Solarography "Ice Rose" (GAS 2008)
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