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Dane Spangler


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Bio: Much of the inspiration for Dane's work has come from travel. While growing up, his family spent summer vacations camping across the United States and Canada: the landscape was a postcard. In 1994 he sold everything and traveled to England where he began developing his philosophical and spiritual beliefs. Walking amongst the standing stones on the moors, Dane began viewing the landscape in an entirely new way: the landscape was transformed into a temple.

Influences: William Turner, Thomas Gainsborough and Gustav Moreau.

Schooling: Graduated from the Environmental Design School at the University of Colorado.

Showings, awards, etc.: His architectural renderings have been used to determine the design of JFK International Airport, New Jersey Aquarium, Marshall Fields Chicago Office, and Miami International Airport. Awarded a Webby & Scientific American award for the educational website (which features over 100 of Dane's illustrations). In 2004 "Roots" was accepted into the International Fine Art Photography Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fort Collins.

Other good deeds: Dave donates five percent of his profits to help preserve our National Parks.

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photograph "roots" (GAS 2006)
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