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Artist Bio

Beth Ricciardi

(Longmont, CO)

Photographer (and your humble GAS founder, curator, art director, & hostess)

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Beth is both an art director and photographer. She recently established her very own studio, boo creative inc., with a focus on marketing/advertising design as well as intriguing portrait, lifestyle and editorial photography. Beth has 15 years of design and art direction experience, with special emphasis on branding/identity and magazine design.

Her photography is best described as perceptual; she sees the world often B/W and askew. She is not afraid to push the optics of her leica m6 film camera toward the grainy, contrasty, moody, intriguing, and often ambiguous. She favors graphic imagery and the natural portrait.

Beth’s photography has been published in consumer magazines, solo photo exhibitions and advertising campaigns.

Influences & photographic heroes: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Minor White, Annie Leibovitz, Kurt Markus and all pinhole photographers universally!

Beth founded and has curated the Garden Art Show & Auction for 5 years running, raising money annually for Boulder county children’s art and nature educational programs through a fun, interactive summer garden party & live silent auction.

Having fun yet?

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  photo "Dockyard Bermuda" (GAS 2007)
archival inkjet print "Introvert" (GAS 2008)
archival inkjet print "bethlehem" (GAS 2008)
photo "Not Hot" (GAS 2007)
photo "bandito" (GAS 2006)
photo "steps" (GAS 2005)
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