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Hannah Potter



A precocious 9 years old, Hannah Elizabeth Potter is a short story writer and mixed media artist. Hannah was born in March, 1998 and raised in downtown Boulder, Colorado. She lives with her parents David and Zenaida and a fat black cat Sam.

Hannah’s artistic influences include Hayao Miyazaki, Neil Gaiman, Vincent van Gogh, Kitty Gibbons, Louise Fitzhugh, Beatrix Potter, Sam Watterson, the world at large and the people that populate it. She is currently writing and illustrating a short book concerning a young girl searching for her missing older sister. She prefers a typewriter to a computer. Hannah’s career goal is to be a novelist and possibly a scientist.

A confirmed rascal, one can often find Hannah selling the Onion in front of the Mountain Sun or emphatically posing for the diners within the Sunflower. In the few spare moments when Hannah is not reading, writing, drawing, painting or laughing she attends Whittier Elementary. She will be entering the 4th grade in August 2007. She loathes the lunch lady.

Hannah’s non-art hobbies include slack line walking, lap swimming and working in her laboratory creating nefarious potions. She plays the melodica, whistles particularly well and has a lovely voice she rarely lets anyone hear. She packs a surprising right hook. Hannah loves bicycles, skateboards, red Converse high tops, and wishes she had a spaceship so she could visit the Moon and Mars. If she could, Hannah would move to Japan or Germany. She can say “Old Man Windbag” in Swahili and “Idiot” in Mandarin.

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illustration "moi" (GAS 2007)
  illustration "untitled" (GAS 2007)
illustration "Sushi" (GAS 2006)
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