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Artist Bio

Anne Park

(Berthoud, CO)


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Bio in a nutshell: I'm a local photographer, focusing on spontaneous, emotional, black and white fine art photography on anything on 4 legs (and a few on 2). I handprint all my photos in my own darkroom with 6 dogs keeping watch outside the door. Occasionally, I dance. To what…my secret.

Hometown: Midwest/East/West (currently reside in Berthoud, Colorado)

Background: I've been artsy all my life but started photography seriously on a mushing trip in Maine (after successfully running away from my office jailtime)… captivated by the emotion of the working dogs and the purchase of a new lens…began what soon became “”.

Showings: Show starting at the end of this month at the Boulder Artists Coop…have work hanging all around this big state from Denver to Crested Butte and back to Lafayette.

Influences: Cig Harvey, Keith Carter, anyone working their tail off in the black and white genre

Words for your fans? Fans? Could you buy another piece of my work this month?

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black & white photograph "chance" (GAS 2007)
©2007 Garden Art Show