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Phil Lewis

(Boulder, CO)


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Bio: I have always had a great love for nature. Being aware of the world around me is what inspires me the most. The changing of the seasons, sunsets, the ocean, mountains, trees, and the celestial cycles all have a profound effect on my life and my artistic vision. I grew up on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe where the visuals are about as good as they get. Watching a storm roll in over the western rim of the basin, as the waves pick up and the snow starts to fall, is a humbling experience. I have often been moved by the power of nature and it inspires me to create.

Most of my work is reflective on the many places I have been. As I draw I attempt not only to recreate what the place may have looked like visually, but also incorporate the mood I was in while I was there. I have traveled all over the world and lived in many amazing places. I try and express the beauty and wonder that I have seen through the vibrant colors and flowing lines in these crazy drawings.

I graduated with an Art degree from Colorado College in 2001. While in school I focused primarily on graphics and digital design, but I have always felt strongly about artwork that originates from the human hand. I feel it is one of the most direct mediums for artistic expression. Whether it be through a pen, paintbrush, or musical all flows though the fingers. Recently I have been combining my love for drawing, with the endless possibilities that the digital world provides. I see the computer as another layer that can add so much depth and clarity. The result is a style of artwork that originates as purely pen-on-paper but becomes "digitized" and arrives somewhere between drawing and digital design.

For the past four years I have been living in Boulder playing music with my brothers in our band Storytyme, hiking with my dog Merlin, drawing the amazing scenery, and just enjoying life in Colorado.

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print "Aspens" (GAS 2007)
print "The Giraffe Project" (GAS 2007)
print on canvas "Flatirons" (GAS 2006)
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