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Artist Bio

Katherine Homes

(Boulder, CO)

Photographer & Painter


Bio: Katherine Homes traveled to Australia and New Zealand in 2004 to work and live within the organic farming community. She wanted to compare the differences within their farming techniques to that of the United States. After a battle with a work permit she was forced to take to the road in a white Nissan van where she slept for four months with her lenses open to capture almost everything she saw. Homes fell in love with the beauty and simplicity these two country’s live in. A morning sun rise that crept above two eager surfers awaiting the perfect wave. The way the mist settled over a freshly painted mountain.

Homes captured moments in time that she had in the past quickly stepped over. She started to realize ever more that earth/nature is our solid rock. It’s always their bending back and forth within the storms, to let us enjoy in our down time. It can be a minute vacation or a peaceful meditation. It’s something to appreciate and respect and tread lightly on. Homes hopes her photographs stimulate people to become more aware of the beauty and delicacy nature is and to become more aware about environmental issues; to become involved and make a difference.

Katherine lives in Boulder CO where she has had her work shown in Allison's Coffee shop and the Highland City Club, is currently working on illustrating a children's book about Yoga, and plays in a band. Bending Grass, singing political lyrics about current environmental and spiritual issues..

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acrylic painting "untitled" (GAS 2007)
photograph "untitled" (GAS 2006)
  bench "untitled" (GAS 2005)
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