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Artist Bio

Sandra Gnandt

(Boulder, CO)



Bio in a nutshell: Sandra was born in Sussex County, NJ; grew up in Paradise Valley, PA; and received her BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. While in NYC she worked with photographers Mark Seliger, Brad Harris, and Sarah Friedman and the photo agency Anderson Hopkins. She moved to Boulder, CO in 2003 with her boyfriend Judd, after picking the destination out of a hat. Besides photography, Sandra enjoys her job as a Photo Editor with Skiing and SnoWorld Magazines; rock climbing and snowboarding; and spending time with her dog Sequoia.

Origins: When I drew my first hopscotch board…and finger painting, definitely finger painting.

Showings, openings, awards...? I’ve had a few gallery showings back in NYC. Look for some assignment work in upcoming issues of Skiing and SnoWorld Magazines.

Influences: Culture. My college was big on pushing you to go to galleries every week. I was lucky enough to live in a big city and experience showings of some of the most influential artists...Avedon, Cindy Sherman, Nick Walpington, Walker Evans, Damien Hirst; Basquiat.

Parting words for her fans: I have fans?

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digital photographic print "untitled" (GAS 2008)
digital photo print "I-25" (GAS 2006)
photo "Abilene" (GAS 2005)
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