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Artist Bio

Kitty Gibbons

(Boulder, CO)

Illustrator, Painter, Mixed Media Artist


Bio in a nutshell: political satire, the darkness of childhood and growing up...still. whatever is in the basement, mockery, sentimentality,
imbibing and letting it roll of your tongue

The story of how you first got artsy: too depressed not to

Showings, openings, awards...? yes, but left wanting

Influences: my irish alcoholic family, mental illness, egon schiele, edward gorey and barbie.

Parting words? Get Out of Iraq and Bring Our Men and Women Home Safe!!!!!

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mixed media illustration (paint, ink, paper, fabric)
"Addiction series - grandad and mother" (GAS 2007)
mixed media illustration (paint, ink, paper, fabric)
"Addiction series - baby bottle" (GAS 2007)
illustration and collage
"Candy Castle" (GAS 2007)
mixed media sculpture "iraqi barbie 2" (GAS 2006)
mixed media sculpture "rape of medusa" (GAS 2006)
drawing "innocence lost" (GAS 2006)
collage "the working patriot" (GAS 2006)
illustrations "Cronies series & T's" (GAS 2005)
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