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Michelle (Shelly) Getty

(Morgan, MN... now Boulder, CO)


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Bio in a nutshell: Grew up in small town America in farm country. Graduated from University of MN in Education. Live in Boulder with my crazy husband, two dogs and 3 birds! Live in Boulder and work full time in the jewelry indusrty. I also do wedding photography on the side.

Origins: When I was young, I loved to be outside with pretending to be an explorer. Our grove of trees was my sanctuary. I would run around taking pictures of everything with my little plastic Kodak. It was like… “Let’s pretend this flower is a jewel…”

Influences: My niece, Pam and my brother, Bryan.

Published artwork: Argentina Ski World Magazine

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photograph "asymmetry" (GAS 2008)
photograph, 35mm film printed on watercolor paper
"umbrella" (GAS 2007)
photograph "burst" (GAS 2006)
photo "suspense" (GAS 2005)
photo "sunshine" (GAS 2005)
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