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Artist Bio

Tessa Edwards

(Westminster, CO)

Facepainter, Photographer, & Illustrator


Bio in a nutshell: Edwards is an exciting new artist with a youthful approach and a fresh eye. Her training includes finger painting, macaroni necklaces, and Kandinski-esque permanent pen marks on the kitchen table. Her art has shown on the fridge, at Gramma & Bogey's house, and on the home-room window. She resides in Westminster, Colorado.

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facepainting (GAS 2008)
facepainting "Arrgh!" (GAS 2008)
armpainting (GAS 2008)
illustration "sunflower" (GAS 2008)
photograph "fishy" (GAS 2007)
illustration "Mermaids" (GAS 2007)
  photograph "Bella" (GAS 2007)
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